MBNA Credit Card

If you're a Canadian and haven't heard about the MBNA Credit Card you are really missing out. If you are like most average humans who happen to need food and gasoline to make life happen, you are definitely going to benefit from just adding the MBNA Credit Card to your wallet. Once you have the MBNA Credit Card, you will just go about your life as you always have before. The only difference will be that now you will be actually earning cash rewards for just doing things you always have done and need to do anyway. There isn't any added pressure to perform or charge any additional things outside of your normal routine just to be able to get the rewards you deserve.

We want to just break down really quickly for you the list of things that are the benefits for having the MBNA Credit Card. These are the benefits that people actually really like right now about the MBNA Credit Card.


There is no annual fee for the MBNA Credit Card.

Who doesn't love a card with no annual fees, right?

They have an intro rate that is 1.99% for the first ten months.

Although this is only pretty much for the balance transfers and cash advances, when you really think about it, that's a very good deal. However, after that ten month period is up, stay away from cash advances at least because that APR will be insane.

You are going to receive 5% cash return when you buy your eligible groceries and gasoline during your first six months of having the MBNA Credit Card.

The only catch with this is that it is limited to spending up to $600 every month for the first six months. Even still, that can add up to a lot of money once you realize that after six months you will have gained $180 if you hit the maximum of $600 every month on your MBNA Credit Card. Make sure that you find out from them when you sign up which places are the eligible ones because the others get a smaller cash back return. Free money is always the best money, right?

For the other grocery and gasoline purchases with your MBNA Credit Card you get 2% cash return for the first six months.

This applies for those places that don't fall under the eligible category. Also, this applies only up to $600 each month. Any amounts over that will gain you 1% cash returns for those first six months.

You can receive your cash rewards in increments of $50 from your MBNA Credit Card.

We think this part really speaks for itself, doesn't it?


There can be so many things said about the MBNA Credit Card but we wouldn't possibly have enough space and time to go on and on about how great the MBNA Credit Card really is. Also, as with anything, there are going to be some disappointing items for those who are looking for something that just isn't offered here. No card will be absolutely perfect. All you can do is check out the MBNA Credit Card and see if it will be the closest to perfect fit for your lifestyle.